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Angel Whispers: A Resource for Baby Loss

Angel Whispers is a free, confidential service for parents who have lost a baby shortly after birth or during pregnancy, through miscarriage, molar pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, or stillbirth.

Angel Whispers offers the following services:  One-on-one support, special care packages, quarterly newsletters, resource library, drop in support groups, and birth certificate keepsakes.

For more information please call 780-998-5595 ext. 225.

Participants: Parents who have lost a baby during pregnancy or shortly after birth.

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Community Kitchens

Fort Saskatchewan

This is a cooking program for adults to get together to plan, budget and cook 3 nutritious meals for their family.  Available in one or two day sessions.
Limited children’s programming available.

Please call 780-998-5595 ext. 221 for more information and to register.

Cost:  $20 for groceries if it’s affordable for you.

Steadfast Connector

Fort Saskatchewan

The Steadfast Connector provides focused, personalized support with system navigation, accessing community resources and encouragement to help you reach your goals.

For more information please call 780-998-5595 ext. 239.

Home Visitation Program

Fort Saskatchewan

Home visitors meet with families regularly, in the parent’s home to enhance parenting knowledge and skills and to provide support for issues affecting the family.

Participants: Parents/caregivers & children 0 to 6 years

Cost: FREE

WECAN Food Coop

A great deal for high quality fresh food!

Fort Saskatchewan

$25 buys you a basket with 3 cuts of frozen meat, 3 kinds of seasonal fruit and 3 types of fresh vegetables. A savings of 25%!

Deadline for WECAN food order payment is the FIRST Friday of every month. Order pick up is the THIRD Thursday of each month from 1:30 to 4:00 pm.

Participants: Families

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Health for Two: Expectant Mothers

Fort Saskatchewan

A program available to expectant mothers offering prenatal information,
nutritional supplements (such as milk coupons and prenatal vitamins), and support during their pregnancy and following the birth of their baby.

For more information call 780-998-5595 ext. 221.

Participants: Parents/Caregivers

Fort Saskatchewan Family Violence Prevention Program

Fort Saskatchewan

This program provides education, referrals, and support for anyone who has or is currently experiencing family violence.

For more information please call 780-998-5595 ext. 222.

Dawn: Educational/Support Group for Women of Abuse


Educational/Support Group for Women of Abuse
DAWN is a free, weekly, confidential, support/educational drop-in group in Fort Saskatchewan for women impacted by family violence.

Childcare and transportation available, if required.

For more information please call 780-998-5595 ext. 222.